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Yoga is a science of wellbeing. Mindfulness focuses attention on living in the moment. Practicing Teen yoga has been shown to increase mindfulness both in the class as well as beyond in other areas of a young persons life.

Our teen yoga classes are designed to take the student from a potential place of lethargy and disengagement to a place of optimal wellbeing, achieved through 8 steps:

1. Social attitude/ethics
2. Mindset/ positive thinking
3. Exercise
4. Breathing practice
5. Inward reflection
6. Focus
7. Stillness
8. Balance and sustained joy

Specifically, through fun activities, asana, breathing and mindfulness practices, the students will work towards toning and engaging muscles, balancing the glands in the body that control hormones and slowing down the hectic mind to bring focus and clarity.

Our regular teen classes take place on Saturdays at St Mark’s Church Hall on Rowfant Road SW17. Both boys and girls are welcome.

Yoga & Mindfulness for Teens (11 years +)

Saturdays    60 minute classes starting at 11.15am and 5:30pm

Students should wear loose comfortable clothing.

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